Our Clinic Director


Jocasta Mosely is the Practice Director of Ancora Consultants. Jocasta is a Behavioural Specialist and Special Education Consultant.


Jocasta holds a Bachelor of Primary/Special Education and a Master of Special Education. She is equipped with 20 plus years experience in the education industry, in both mainstream and special education settings. Jocasta specialises in the areas of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behaviour, Mental Health and Intellectual Disability. In addition to this, Jocasta has extensive experience working with children in Out of Home Care (OOHC) situations and understands the impact that trauma can have on their development and behaviour.


Jocasta has worked across several different schooling systems in NSW and is highly experienced in working with students aged Preschool to Year 12, having held roles at head office level, school-based executive level, and classroom level.


Jocasta worked for several years with the Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Schools Office as a Special Education Consultant and was responsible for providing support to the 56 Primary and High Schools in the Diocese whose Principals and Staff were involved in supporting the education of students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or Intellectual Disability. Jocasta has also held the position of  Head of Campus at a school for students Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mental Health Disorders and Behavioural Difficulties, as well as working in classrooms as a Learning Support Teacher and Classroom Teacher.

Jocasta has built strong professional relationships with a range of well-known local specialists such as Psychologists, Paediatricians, Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Out of Home Care Agencies. She believes that a collaborative team approach is essential to achieving positive outcomes and enjoys working closely with all members of your child's team. 

Jocasta is dedicated to keeping up with the latest research and methodologies in Behaviour Support, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mental Health and Intellectual Disability. As a result, she regularly attends conferences and training focussed on her areas of speciality to ensure her interventions are reflective of current best practice techniques. Jocasta is also a Professional Member of the Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia (ABAA), the Association for Positive Behavior Support (APBS) and the Australasian Association for Intellectual Disability (ASID). These organisations are dedicated to improving the support of individuals with a disability through research and best practice, in order to reduce behavioural challenges, increase independence, and ensure the development of constructive behaviours to meet life goals in the areas of social relationships, employment, academic achievement, functional life-skills, self-determination, health, and safety. 


Ancora means 'stability, security and hope, in the most challenging of circumstances'. Jocasta understands that at times, the journey families face can be difficult and confusing, and is committed to helping children and families achieve their goals.